It's the cow's fault 1 - 2018

    This is a compilation of stories, fables and parables about ethics and human values. Due to its versatility it can be used in business, educational, university environments and in community projects. In particular, it has been a reading text in many high schools to reinforce ethics and social matters. The present selection has been received by readers as a useful book for their personal growth in different individual and family situations.

    Jaime Lopera (1936), Colombian, born in Calarcá, Quindío. Writer: essayist, opinion columnist, storyteller, historian and journalist. He directed the official agency of the Civil Service in Colombia, a branch of the Presidency of the Republic, and also served as commercial attaché of the Colombian Embassy in Spain.

    He has been a manager of change processes for a long time through his experience as a principal executive in the areas of human management and organizational development, as well as adviser and developer of collective bargaining models.

    He directed and collaborated in literary and cultural publications such as Eco magazine, the magazine Pluma, the magazine Guiones (cinema), the weekly newspapers La Calle and La Nueva Prensa and was a co-partner of the news agency Prensa Latina where he worked as deputy director Gabriel García Márquez .

    As a journalist he has collaborated with the newspaper Portafolio in Bogotá, La Patria de Manizales, and La Crónica del Quindío de Armenia, of which he was also its Director.

    In the field of managerial development he has published El lado humano del conflicto (Intermedio, 2004); El lado humano de la Participación (Cafam, 1988); El pez grande se come al... lento (Intermedio, 2003) La carta a García y otras parábolas del éxito (Intermedio, 2000), apart from the co-authorship, with his wife Marta Inés Bernal wrote the saga of La Culpa es de la Vaca ( Intermedio, 2000-2013 and Planeta 2015).

    During the last 15 years he has been president of the Academy of History of Quindío and has published historical works such as La Colonización del Quindío (Bank of the Republic, 1966), and essays in the different volumes of the Quindiano Authors Collection of the University of Quindío and the Government of the same department.

    The author's literary production also records these publications: La Perorata (stories, 1967); Minotauro Insólito (stories, 1986); Postigos (literary essays, 2009); El Copulario (hard cover version, 2012) and Autobiografía de un Ángel (Pijao Editores, Ebook, 2017). Ebooks published by

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